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This year the .org, .com, .info and .net websites have been sponsored by CPL Benjamin J. Trowbridge, USMC and Rev. Dr. Valerie Trowbridge.  Thank you so much.

We've gone MOBILE!  If you have a Smartphone, you can now use the mobile version of the OakStarministries.org!  This is a step forward.

Click here weekly to see information about Monday meetings and Circles.

Current Events:

OakStar Ministries now has two locations.  Choose the location closest to you and join us for our weekly meeting.  The locations are:
Eastern CT/Central CT: 46-6 Hawthorne Dr N, New London, CT  06320 Leader: Br. Kyle Hollis
Rhode Island State: 144 Church St, Manville, RI  02838 Leader: Rev. Dr. Andrew DiLeo

You can use the MapQuest map at the bottom to get directions to all of our locations.

Executive Board 2013:
President:     Rev. Dr. Andrew DiLeo
Senior Vice President :    Rev. Dr. Joshua Liard
Administrator Eastern & Central CT:    Timothy Strnad
Administrator Rhode Island:    Frank Perrin

Winter Events:
Winter is an enchanting time to have an intimate wedding/handfasting of your dreams. Contact our wedding planning team, or our clergy to schedule your once in a lifetime event. email
Rev. Andrew DiLeo or contact us at (860) 857-9415.

Coming events:
For upcoming events, please visit our events calendar at the bottom of the page, we will be updating this regularly.







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